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Things You Didn’t Know about Renewable Energy

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Things You Didn’t Know about Renewable Energy

Renewable energy in Bahrain is getting a lot of bad press, which is due to fossil fuel companies and a society that is unwilling to change. Regardless of the reason, there are facts about renewable energy quickly becoming common knowledge. Today, there are huge companies making changes that will help our world. Let’s take a look at some of these facts. You may be surprised at what you learn.

Solar energy:

In 2023, the cost of a small-medium-sized solar energy system could reach Dh 8.50 per watt. That is now down to DH 3.50, and more companies are adding solar panels to buildings. Solar power systems are used by buses as well, and many cities are installing them on bus stations. These panels capture solar energy and convert it to electrical power. Solar-powered charging stations allow EVs to plug into these stations and continue their journey.

Wind energy:

Wind energy is one of the earliest forms of renewable energy. The early windmills could pump water, grind grains, or crush rocks. Today, they are also used to generate basic electricity. Because they can withstand extreme weather conditions, they are still popular but are more expensive than wind turbines. Offshore wind turbines are also used in rural areas, but their positioning makes them more reliable.


Biomass is a key component of biomass energy, supporting agriculture and forest-product industries. Today, biomass feedstocks for power generation come from waste materials from lumber and paper mills. However, the future of biomass power generation lies in agriculture, where dedicated energy crops can be grown on land that has not been used for intensive food production. In addition, biomass can be used to produce chemical products, including biodiesel.

Nuclear energy:

It may come as a surprise to you that the two types of energy are quite different. Though both of them produce electricity, they are distinctly different. Nuclear energy, in particular, is considered a cleaner form of energy. The process of nuclear fusion energy uses heat and is not dangerous to humans. It can also be used to produce medical devices, such as artificial heart valves. However, nuclear energy is still expensive. I hope this guide will be useful for you when deciding on renewable energy sources.