7 types of cakes that you must try

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7 types of cakes that you must try

Do you want to know about the different types of cakes that can be caked? Then continue reading below!

  1. Yellow butter cake: Yellow Butter cake is the yellow colored buttery cake that is prepared by mixing sugar and butter. After mixing them, you can add dry ingredients in it to prepare it. You can top the cake with chocolate cream and decorate it with chocolate chips.
  2. Pound Cake: It is the cheapest cake to bake at home. You just need a pound of flour, sugar and butter to prepare it. Although it does not rise as much as other cakes, you can enjoy it with tea in evenings.
  3. Red Velvet Cake: It is one of the most favorite cake of the large population of the world. The cake can be prepared from buttermilk, butter, oil, cocoa powder and food color. You can prepare it to please your loved ones on his or her special day.
  4. Carrot Cake: As the name says, they are made of garroted carrot that are mixed with oil, baking powder and baking soda. You can add spices in the batter and top it with cheese cream to make them flavorsome.
  5. Sponge Cake: They are the softest cakes you can have in evening or supper to enjoy the time. You would need baking powder, baking soda and beaten eggs. You can add either complete eggs or egg white inn the batter. There are variety of options to top them but don’t forget to soak them in flavored syrups.
  6. Chiffon Cake: If your mind is making picture of soft and scrumptious cakes, then you are not so wrong. The cake is amalgamation of oil and sponge cake. You need oil and eggs to make them in large quantity. Beaten eggs make them soft and light while oil make them rich and flavor.  
  7. Flourless Cake: If you want to prepare cake for your guest but you want a different sort of cake then prepare flourless cake. Flourless cakes have further varieties. You can prepare either crust cake or crust-less cake. Thus, you don’t need to prepare any other sweet with it because it has cream cheese that make it rich and heavy.

So these are seven types of cakes that you should try to prepare and bake at home. You can get their recipes from internet easily. You can prepare any of them for birthday. All you then have to do is to use balloons and papers for birthday decoration for kids or acquire flower delivery in UAE if you want to celebrate the birthday of an adult. 

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