The Different Types Of Bath Shower Mixers

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The Different Types Of Bath Shower Mixers

When it comes to choosing a bath shower mixer for your bathroom, you may be surprised by the variety of options available. From traditional exposed mixers to modern thermostatic mixers, there is a wide range of styles and features to choose from. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the different types of bath shower mixers so you can decide which one is right for your bathroom.

Deck-mounted mixers:

Deck-mounted mixers are a popular choice, designed to be installed onto the bathtub or the deck surrounding it. They often feature a single lever for controlling both water temperature and flow, providing a sleek and integrated look. This type is versatile and suits various bathtub styles.

Wall-mounted bath shower mixers:

Wall-mounted mixers are affixed to the wall above the bathtub, offering a minimalist and modern aesthetic. This type is ideal for contemporary bathrooms and is known for its clean lines and uncluttered appearance. Wall-mounted mixers can include both single-handle and two-handle options.

Thermostatic bath shower mixers:

Thermostatic mixers prioritize precise temperature control. Equipped with a thermostat, these mixers maintain a consistent water temperature, preventing sudden fluctuations. This feature is especially beneficial for those who desire a steady and comfortable bathing experience.

Freestanding bath shower mixers:

Freestanding mixers are standalone fixtures that do not require attachment to the bathtub or wall. These elegant and eye-catching mixers are often chosen for freestanding bathtubs, adding a touch of sophistication and becoming a focal point in the bathroom.

Floor-mounted bath shower mixers:

Floor-mounted mixers are installed directly on the bathroom floor, offering a unique and contemporary look. These mixers typically have a long spout that reaches over the edge of the bathtub, providing flexibility in placement and design.

Traditional two-handle mixers:

Classic and timeless, traditional two-handle mixers have separate hot and cold water handles. They often feature crosshead or lever-style handles, adding a vintage charm to the bathroom. This type is suitable for those who appreciate a more classic aesthetic.

Choosing the right bath shower mixer type depends on your aesthetic preferences, bathroom design, and desired functionality. Whether you opt for the classic appeal of traditional two-handle mixers, the sleek look of wall-mounted options, or the modern conveniences of digital mixers, each type brings its own unique charm to your bathing space.