Improving the Efficiency of Your AC – Follow These Tips

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The most obvious way to increase the efficiency of your air conditioning unit is to reduce the amount of heat that’s produced by your large appliances. Another simple way to increase efficiency is to change the air filter and make sure that your ductwork is clean. These simple AC repairs in Dubai will go a long way. Read on to find out how to improve your home’s air conditioning system. We’ll also talk about ways to save on utility bills and set a baseline temperature.

Changing the air filter:

According to the department of energy, changing the air filter is an important part of air conditioning maintenance. It should be changed every three months or more frequently if you have pets or suffer from severe allergies. Dirty filters reduce the efficiency of the AC and increase the workload on the cooling system. Regularly replacing air filters also ensures proper airflow throughout the home. Thus, changing the air filter is an excellent way to reduce energy bills.

A dirty air filter will make your AC work harder, resulting in higher energy bills and a worn-out AC. Changing the air filter can reduce energy consumption by five to fifteen percent. Less energy consumption translates to lower power bills – especially during summer when power consumption peaks. Changing the air filter regularly can save you money on your power bill. The benefits of changing the air filter frequently are numerous.

Keeping ducts clean:

Regularly cleaning ac ducts will increase the airflow rate of your unit and lower the physical resistance. Ducts can leak if they are not cleaned properly, which can cause bigger problems down the road. You can also hire a professional to install insulation in exposed ductwork to help prevent drafts and maintain a comfortable temperature.

Hire a professional air duct cleaning company:

If you suspect that your ducts may contain biological growth, it’s good to hire an air duct cleaning company to perform the work. Most professional air duct cleaning companies follow industry standards and use specialized tools. These companies use high-powered vacuums to remove dirt and debris from the ductwork. The best way to prevent biological growth in your air ducts is to control the moisture level in your home.